The Mouradian Foundation works alongside several institutions including universities and specific research centres whose work helps to influence public policy debate on a range of socio-economic issues.


Founded in 1895, LSE is one of the world’s leading Universities.  It specializes in the social sciences and many well-known figures have studied and worked at the LSE including 18 Nobel laureates.  As well as its world-leading research, it is known for its close links to policy making in the UK and around the world; it numbers more than 50 past or present heads of state among its alumni.  It has a diverse community of students and faculty making it one of the most international places to study.  The relationship with the Mouradian Foundation is managed via the Suntory-Toyota International Centres for Economics and Related Disciplines (STICERD) which provides a hub for joint activities.  And the partnership with the Foundation has allowed a diverse range of events which bring academics, finance, business and policy-making together.

Columbia College

The Mouradian Foundation’s mission is to promote a deeper understanding of the challenges which our global society faces, to enable meaningful and practical solutions to be discovered. This fits in extremely well with the ethos at Columbia College where its mission is to promote and foster a College community that understands, respects, and values diversity, equity, and inclusion.
The Mouradian Foundation is proud to support Columbia College with funding for their students through scholarships or admissions travel aid, ensuring that their education is accessible for all.
Columbia College has a diverse and intelligent gathering of students and participates in a daily democratic experiment – to listen and converse, to challenge and be challenged, to strive for greater knowledge and to succeed in a collective enterprise of learning. The success of this endeavour is tied to Columbia College’s unique ability to mirror the world, both by virtue of its location in New York City and by the calibre and range of perspectives assembled on its campus. Columbia College is committed to creating and supporting a community which is richly diverse.